Mehmet Alpaslan

Welcome to my little slice of the internet, and make yourself at home! I'm an astronomer that likes to look at the largest known structures in the Universe.

These aren’t the voids you’re looking for

Astronomers find faint strings of galaxies inside empty space

“The spaces in the cosmic web are thought to be staggeringly empty,” said Dr Mehmet Alpaslan, who led the research. “They might contain just one or two galaxies, as opposed to the hundreds that are found in big clusters.”

The Galaxy and Mass Assembly catalogue is a detailed map of the Universe showing where galaxies are in 3D. This simulated flythrough shows the real positions and images of the galaxies that have been mapped so far. Distances are to scale, but the galaxy images have been enlarged for your viewing pleasure.

This media release produced 50 hits in 13 countries. The majority of hits were online, with one on the ABC Radio program 'Star Stuff'.